We Partner with Business Owners, Industry Professionals and Realtors to be a Resource for you & your Business!

How We Help People & Entrepreneurs Just Like YOU!

    • Financial Services

      We Have the Connections that you get to take advantage of..for you and your family! Financial Services, Life Insurance, 401K Rollover, Retirement Planning etc.

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    • Impact Healthcare- An Affordable Alternative To Health Insurance..But Better.

      Impact puts the power, the freedom, and the control in paying for health care back into your hands. Learn more about how you can join our community and discover how most members save 30-50% on their healthcare costs.

      Open Network, any Dr. Any Hospital.

      Programs Start as low as $73 for individuals & $378 for families. Holistic Coverage coming 2024!

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    • Virtual Assistants!

      Sphere Rocket is more than just a service provider – we’re your partners in success. Our comprehensive approach to Virtual Assistant Recruiting, Placement, and Training ensures your business achieves its goals efficiently.

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    • Real Estate 101 Guide

      You got your Real Estate License…Now What? Our guide shares the stuff you need to know, processes, tips and so much more..all for free!

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    • Get Real About Real Estate

      They don’t teach you how to sell Real Estate when you get your license..Let’s Get Real About Real Estate. Gain Years of experience for free!

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    • Income Opportunities

      Are you looking to venture into a work from home opportunity that you can work alongside Real Estate?

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    • Connect Your Clients with Local Service Providers & earn 7% on every project

      Join Free, Provide Value to your Clients & Earn Commissions. 7% Cashback from services completed! Also, Connect Local Businesses, build a relationship and receive residual income on every transaction for life!

      Sign Up For Free- Use Code: 3206 
    • On- Demand Showing Agents!

      Aren't able to make a showing or going on vacation? Showami is the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to have your buyers shown properties when you’re not available — without giving up a cent of your commission. Sign up for free to schedule a property showing today!

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    • Real Estate Groups- Join for Community & Business Growth- Get Referrals from 15-30 People in your group! R.O.I

      Develop a market place advantage for your business and Lead a ROI Group in your community -> One Realtor, One Roofing Company, One Electical Company, One Builder etc...

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    • Get Real About Real Estate..The COURSE to Elevate your Experience

      Gain Years of Experience..Not just a license.

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    • Picking Your Real Estate Brokerage

      How do you decide which Brokerage is a good fit for you? We will help you bridge the gap of not knowing what you don't know!

      Guide To Picking A Real Estate Brokerage 
    • 90 Days to Homeowner Guide for Your Clients

      Do you have a Client who is looking to purchase within 90 Days?

      Get The Guide To Share With Your Clients 
    • Client Gift Ideas!

      All kinds of reasons for Gifting! Closings, Thank You’s, Birthdays, Pop By’s, Holiday Gifts and so many more! Gifts Available for Subscriptions to stay top of mind and ensure long term relationships & Referrals! Auto Pilot 💫

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    • Affordable Access To An Attorney for $29.95/Month

      leverage. Will Make Calls & Send Emails on Your Behalf.

      Real Estate Services for You & Your Clients--> Including Estate Planning & Tax Audits. Home Owners Insurance, Claims, Contractors/Repairs, Warranty Issues Etc. Also, Affiliate Opportunities to Make An Income!

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    • Rise Transaction Management

      Connect with our Partner, Rise Transaction Management to handle the things you don't like to do, so you can focus on what you do like to do!

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    • Become A Vendor Partner!

      Do you think you can bring value to Referral Resource? Schedule a Consultation to discuss Vendor Partner Opportunities to be marketed on our website & Network.

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    • Join Our Referral Partner Page on our Website

      Market yourself on our platform to receive Referrals from Agents in other areas who are looking for an agent in YOUR area! Pay $89 one time, Post your Bio and we’ll market you for opportunities & on our website for easy agent referral access!

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    • Get Access to Funds to Scale Your Business!

      J. Galt- Our mission is to get your business credit worthiness to a place to have access to the capital you need, when you need it. 

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    Financial Services

    Whatever your life’s goals, our financial professionals can help design a strategy tailored to your specific needs. Our financial company is primed to help  you prepare for the long term with life insurance, education planning, and retirement strategies.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What services are available for my business?

    We offer resources that can level up your business. Check out the 'Online Courses' Tab and the 'Services / Contacts' Tab for more information.

    • Online Courses & Coaching in all areas of Business
    • Financial Services
    • Access to Funds to Scale Your Business
    • Virtual Assistants
    • Income Opportunities
    • Complimentary Consultations
    • Realtor Resources
    • Agent to Agent Client Referrals
    • Connection to contacts in the Real Estate Industry
    • Job Interviews Connections

    What Online Courses do you offer?

    We aspire to support entrepreneurs who have a goal to help people. Our Online Course Portfolio is growing! Check out our Online Courses Available on the 'Online Courses' Tab!

    What Income Opportunities do you offer?

    View the 'Income Opportunities' tab to view Full-time or Part-time positions available.. even side gigs!

    What do you offer for Agent-to-Agent Client Referrals?

    • Marketing as a part of our network
    • $89 One Time Membership Fee
    • Discounts on: Business Online Courses, Transaction Management Services, Client Gifts & so much more!

    Why should I use Referral Resource to find an agent to help my referral?

    Lets start with not having to sift through hundreds of comments on Social Media to find a few agents to interview with such limited information.

    We have vetted Real Estate Referral Partners in many areas..If we don't have one in the area you need, then we will...just ask us!

    Lastly, we offer exclusive services & discounts!

    What's your process to join as a Referral Partner?

    • Submit Profile Survey & Membership Dues on our website
    • Review will take 2-5 Business Days (typically by next day)
    • Upon Selection into our Referral Resource vetted agent program, we will add you as a Referral Partner officially and your profile will be marketed on our website, social media & paid marketing & advertising.
    • Release of Access to Incentives!

    I submitted my profile Survey & membership dues, now what?

    Congratulations! As approved typically between 2-5 business days, we'll sponsor you on our website. If submitted & there is a delay of more than 7 business days, please email us at team@referral-resource.com.

    • Mission

      We're A Consulting Agency, founded in 2023, Bridging The Gaps In Your Real Estate & Entrepreneurship Journey. You You Truly don't know, what you don't know.

    • Vision

      Our Vision is to be a Resource for Realtors & Entrepreneurs, New and Experienced to help Bridge the Gap of any needs in your Business.

    • Values

      We value our Relationships, Good Vibes, and Providing Value to Realtors & Entrepreneurs. We know that in this business, you truly can't do it alone.

    What We Do

    • Member only Access & Incentives for our Realtor Referral Partners
    • Agent to Agent Client Referral Opportunities
    • Complimentary Consultations- Financial Services
    • Virtual Assistants
    • Help Businesses Scale with Acecss to Capital when you need it
    • Online Courses
    • Network of Agents for Real Estate opportunities
    • Resources & Contacts
    • Opportunities to make an Income, Part Time, Full Time or Side Gigs
    • Discounts on Client Gifts
    • Product Discounts with our Affiliates on our website
    • Discounts on Select Courses

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