Take Control of Your Healthcare Expenses with Impact Health Sharing

Impact Health Sharing is a caring community where members share medical bills, providing an affordable alternative to traditional insurance. Join us to save on healthcare costs while supporting and being supported by a network of responsible individuals.

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Virtual Assistants To Scale Your Business

You have alot going on in your personal and professional world and need some assistance to buy back your time! We partner with Sphere Rocket to help you do just that!

Virtual Assistant will give you the time back you need to do what you you love to do!

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It's Time...to buy back your time! For Reasonable costs and less stress for onboarding!

World Financial Group- Financial Services

We partner with World Financial Group to connect you with all things Financial Services for you personally and professionally. 401K Rollover, Life Insurance, College Fund Planning etc.

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World Financial Group for your Financial Needs

Whatever your life’s goals, our financial professionals can help design a strategy tailored to your specific needs. Our financial company is primed to help you prepare for the long term with life insurance, education planning, and retirement strategies.

J. Galt- Access Capital for your Business

J. Galt is rewriting the rules of small business financing. It’s game-changer membership allows small enterprises to access corporate-level credit solutions—significant amounts, low rates, no personal guarantees. For a fraction of the cost.

It's actually pretty simple:

  • We guide the business owner through the process of building a robust business credit profile.
  • We ensure consistency in your business information through Secretary of State, IRS, and Credit Agencies.
  • We verify all proper registrations are in place and cross reference data points on your credit reports
  • We take your business credit through the vendor tiers to get you access to TIER-4 Business Credit

Join our membership to benefit from our cutting-edge technology and watch your business grow.

Access Capital you need for your Business

J. Galt- "We Help Small Businesses Optimize Cashflow & Manage Growth"

We've revolutionized the path to business credit byheavily investing in cutting-edge technology, comprehensive legal insights, and groundbreaking research.Now, small businesses can effortlessly tap into the realm of corporate credit, previously out of reach.