It's huge for us to help protect entrepreneurs and their family!

Below is a quick breakdown of the coverage for yourself with AO Gobe Life and the Freedom of Choice that you are entitled to. 

Entrepreneur Benefits provided by AO Globe Life

$2,000 Gift Certificate
No Cost Will

No Cost Last Will & Testimate
Free Consultation to review gap in Life Insurance coverage to ensure your family is protected.


  • Will Income continue to come in? How will family adjust?
  • Savings to cover funeral & final expenses?
Ensure my family's protection

    • Private Benefits, the same that Veterans are entitled to. 
    • Whole Life Coverage, never goes away
    • Current Age, Health and Habits 
    • Non Canceallable, which means that you don't have to worry about switching jobs or retiring
    • Premiums Don't Change 
    • Pays out Immediately, many third party life insurance providers take 6 weeks to 1.5 years to process. 
    • Provided a Certificate that the family would take to the funeral director in case of a death. Only a signature is needed and no exchange of money is necessary. The beneficiary would get remaining funds to pay for unpaid expenses and for the family to get settled while any other insurance is coming in, too.

Discover Your Needs

Life Insurance- It's not Fun or Sexy to talk about, but it is important.

What Life Insurance do you currently have to protect your family in case of a death? Is it through an employer that is temporary? What Coverage should you have to cover final expenses? If you die, will your family be able to continue to live comfortably? These are all things that are important to talk about now. What are the chances you will die? 100% Right? Ensure that your family will be protected.

Prepare now at your current age, health and habits.

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